I wear a few different hats.

Jon ParsonsI am a PhD candidate and part-time instructor at Memorial University. My primary research is in the field of Resistance Studies; my dissertation focuses on representations of protest and dissent in literary texts and public discourse. I also publish in the field of Energy Humanities, specifically looking at resistance to extractive industries and corporate social responsibility for extractive companies. If you’d like to know more about my scholarly pursuits, see the Academic section of this site or my full CV.

Along with my academic research interests, I am something of a political creature (my undergrad degree is in political science). I am active with a number of grassroots social justice and environmental groups. I helped found the pro-democracy People’s Assembly NL and work with, among others, the Social Justice Co-operative NL and the East Coast Fracking Awareness Group. I am not affiliated with any political parties.

These interests in NL culture, society, and politics have prompted writing for local news outlets, like the NL Independent, and also made creating this website seem like a good idea for occasional writing (time will tell). Feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment on this site, saying hi on Twitter (@jwpnfld) or send an email to jwpnfld at gmail dot com.

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