My academic research is situated mostly in the field of Resistance Studies. Some of this research is in cultural criticism, such as my PhD dissertation examining representations of resistance in contemporary literature. My research in Resistance Studies also involves work on extractive industries and energy politics. I completed the University of the Arctic PhD Certificate Program in Extractive Industries, studying the ways communities in the north experience and contest extractivism and also the ways companies try to gain social license. I uploaded and linked a few of my academic papers below. For more on my research, see my full CV.

Resistance in Contemporary Newfoundland Fiction. Memorial University, Department of English, 2017. Dissertation. LINK

“Resistance to Extractive Industries in Newfoundland and Labrador.” Circumpolar Notes – Arctic Extractive Industries, 4 (2015). LINK

“Branded Newfoundland: Lisa Moore’s Alligator and Consumer Capitalism.” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, 28.1 (2013). LINK

“The Naming Compulsion in Dillon Wallace’s The Lure of the Labrador Wild and Mina Hubbard’s A Woman’s Way through Unknown Labrador.” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, 26.1 (2011). LINK

Teaching and Learning

While I was studying at Memorial I had the wonderful opportunity to teach undergraduate courses. I taught introductory level English, specifically in survey courses taking up poetry, short fiction, and novels. These courses focused on critical reading and writing, especially for academic essay writing. In one of these courses I created a blogging component, which asks students to complete weekly writing activities. If you are interested in seeing the course, assignments, and the blogging component, visit my English 1080 blog at this link.

I also run writing workshops, often on composition and essay form. Recently, I ran workshops for graduate courses at Brock University. A further area of teaching and learning I work in is Digital Literature and digital literacy. I am currently developing a course on Digital Literature, which will be hosted on this website. Below is an educational video I recently made on digital literacy for a course at Brock U.