I specialize in research communications, knowledge translation, and knowledge mobilization. I work with organizations and clients to strategize and implement effective internal and external communications through press releases, news items, thought papers, annual reports, speeches, marketing materials, website and blog content, and full-length books.

I facilitate workshops and seminars to inform an understanding of knowledge translation that is embedded in all stages of the research process, from research design to dissemination. I help clients communicate impact.

My work in knowledge translation and knowledge mobilization is rooted in practical experience. As an academic researcher, I consistently set out to have each project connect with broader, non-specialist audiences. Most often this is through book publications or op-eds in the popular press.

My first book, Everyday Dissent, was the knowledge translation version of my PhD dissertation. My most recent effort in public academia was the book COVID-19 and Ethics in Canada, which took theoretical and practical ideas from applied ethics and presented them in plain language and accessible form. I write journalism for CBCRicochet, and The Independent NL, among others. My journalism takes academic and philosophical ideas and synthesizes them for public audiences.

Along with practical work in the field, I study and contribute to the scholarship of communication. I was elected as a scholar with the International Communicology Institute for my work in semiotics and phenomenology.

View my resume for more of my work and experience in communications.