I work as a consultant in the field of corporate social responsibility. I got my start in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the University of the Arctic PhD certificate program in Extractive Industries. My research for UArctic focuses on resistance to oil and mineral mining in northern communities, and also the ways companies try to gain social license through CSR policies or programs (click here for a short white paper I wrote for a Toronto-based CSR firm). I have since branched out into consulting and research on CSR and social enterprise with respect to organizations of all sizes.

I offer research services, consultations, and workshops on CSR, social enterprise, and communications strategy. My research approach is primarily qualitative and grounded in semiotic, hermeneutic, and phenomenological methodologies. This research may involve start-to-finish projects to develop CSR policies, analysis of current policies and practices, or workshops and consultations to inform an organizational understanding of CSR.

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