Digital Literature 101

Course Guide

Week 1 – Introduction to Digital Literature I

Primary Readings

Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media and Marshal McLuhan Speaks; Michael Joyce, twelve blue;


Week 2 – Introduction to Digital Literature II

Jim Andrews, McLuhan Reconsidered (part 1 and 2); Adam Kenny, The Museum


Week 3 – Hypertext and Literary Form I (Prose)

Raine Koskimma, Digital Texts and Literature (Chapter 1 and 2); Adam Kenny, The Museum


Week 4 – Hypertext and Literary Form II (Poetry)

Loss Pequeno Glazier, Introduction to Digital Poetics (essay);  Judy Malloy, where every luminous landscape, Revelations of Secret Surveillance,


Week 5 – Digital Poetry

Ana Marie Uribe, Anipoems; Jim Andrews, Enigma n, Seattle Drift; Dan Waber, Strings; Jason Nelson, Birds still warm from Flying


Week 6 – Surrealism, Visual Poetry, and HTML

André Breton, Manifesto of Surrealism (essay); Ted Warnell, mo’po; multiple artists, Discharge 6


Week 7 – Online discourse communities: Blogging, Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, etc.

multiple authors, Flashing By; multiple authors, Flowers of Sulfur; twitter trends; digital literature on facebook?


Week 8 – Video Games

Goat in Grey Fedora; Elder Scrolls; Pirate Quest; Second Life; Will Jordan Rule Breaking to ROM Hacking (first few pages of essay),


Week 9 – Authorship, copyright, freedom of expression; Google Books; Anonymous; Freedom of Expression in Canada


Week 10 – Collaborative Projects Presented


Week 11 – Collaborative Projects Presented


Week 12 – Review

Linda Carroli, speak: a hypertext essay