I write journalism for various media outlets, including CBC, Ricochet, and The Independent NL. Generally op-eds or reviews, occasionally news pieces, this work often takes up issues to do with current affairs.

I put together a collection of my journalism, speeches, short papers, and polemic in my first book, Everyday Dissent: Politics and Resistance in Newfoundland and Labrador. My recent book, COVID-19 and Ethics in Canada, was also based on some of my journalism and other writing on the pandemic.


Along with being a writer and reporter, I have edited, proofed, and fact-checked articles for media outlets, as well as edited and reviewed for academic journals.

Below are links to a few media and journalistic efforts as a sample of work.

Meet the Newfoundlander leading Canada’s COVID-19 clinical trials (CBC)

COVID-19 outbreak in Canada calls for an ethics of collective care (Ricochet)

Crisis in Labrador West: Boom, Bust, Repeat (The Independent NL)

You gotta fight for your right to … sleep? (The Tyee)

I am in the process of making my first documentary film, focused on contentious politics around the Muskrat Falls mega-hydro project, which is tentatively titled “Muskrat Falls: Power and Resistance.”