I produce academic-quality research on a variety of topics. I have a specializations in qualitative research methodologies, specifically in phenomenology and communicology.

I plan and manage major projects involving primary research through interviews, surveys, and focus groups, and secondary research through literature reviews and textual sources. I analyze data with programs like NVIVO and through narrative analysis.

I have secured research grants from major funding sources, including SSHRC, think tanks and NGOs, and the private sector.

A few areas of ongoing research interest for me are applied ethics, knowledge translation and knowledge mobilization, phenomenology of language, disability studies, and resistance studies.

For more on my academic research, see my full CV.

Research Portfolio

COVID19 pandemic:

  • Book: COVID-19 and Ethics in Canada (link)
  • “COVID-19 Outbreak in Canada calls for an Ethics of Collective Care” (link)
  • “COVID-19 has Exposed Society’s Upside-down Priorities” (link)
  • “The Global Battle for Personal Protective Equipment turns Ugly” (link)
  • “Thinking Outside the Crisis: The Pandemic and Social Unrest” (link)


  • Institute of Social and Economic Research, Doctoral Fellowship (link)
  • Resistance in Contemporary Newfoundland Fiction, PhD dissertation, 2017. (link)
  • “Branded Newfoundland: Lisa Moore’s Alligator and Consumer Capitalism.” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, 28.1 (2013). (link)
  • “The Naming Compulsion in Dillon Wallace’s The Lure of the Labrador Wild and Mina Hubbard’s A Woman’s Way through Unknown Labrador.” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, 26.1 (2011). (link)

Energy humanities:

  • “Resistance to Extractive Industries in Newfoundland and Labrador,” publication in Circumpolar Notes (link)
  • “Newfoundland and Labrador’s Oil Ambitions and Climate Change,” conference paper presented at UArctic (link)
  • “Anarchism and Unconventional Oil,” examining hydraulic fracturing, pipelines, and protest movements; publication in Materialism and the Critique of Energy (link)

Corporate social responsibility:

  • “Corporate Social Responsibility and Neoliberalism: Toward Authoritarianism?” White paper (link)
  • “CSR, In-reach, and Social Disintegration in the Mining Region of Labrador West” White paper for Impakt Inc. (link)