I have been working in teaching and learning in different capacities for some ten years. Currently, I run online writing courses through Bookends Writing Academy. While I was working on my PhD, I taught introductory level English, focused on critical reading and writing, mostly to first year university students. I created a blogging component, which asked students to complete weekly writing activities: English 1080 Blog (with course materials).

My approach to teaching and learning is based in critical pedagogy, with theorists such as Paulo Freire, Bell Hooks, and Max van Manen as the main influences on my philosophy of teaching. I am also interested in approaches to teaching and learning based in artography, and generally to theory of online teaching and online instructional design.

Check out a video I produced as part of a series of educational videos on digital literacy:

Along with my direct experience in the classroom, I have taken a number of professional development programs for teaching and learning, such as completing the Instructional Skills Workshop and the Facilitator Development Workshop through the ISW Network.