I publish books, editorials, research papers, blog posts, web copy, ads, and really any kind of writing. I’ve published two books under an imprint I created, HCE Press, the most recent of which is a book of and about creative writing called Expressive Subjects.

I write journalism for various media outlets, including CBCRicochet, and the The Independent NL. Generally op-eds or reviews, occasionally news pieces, this work often takes up issues to do with current affairs. I put together a collection of my journalism, speeches, short papers, and polemic in my first book project, Everyday Dissent: Politics and Resistance in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Along with being a writer and reporter, I have edited, proofed, and fact-checked innumerable articles and essays, including editing and reviewing for academic journals. I also took a stab at making my first documentary film, focused on protests against the Muskrat Falls mega-hydro project, which is tentatively titled “Muskrat Falls: Power and Resistance” (see trailer below).

Here are links to a few media and journalistic efforts.