I work as a consultant in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), helping companies create social license and communicate social purpose. I have also recently been doing some consulting and presentations on inclusive communications practices.

I offer research services, consultations, and workshops on CSR strategy. This may involve start-to-finish projects to develop CSR policies and communications, analysis of current policies and practices, or workshops to inform an organizational understanding of CSR.

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A research excursion to Sakha Republic, Russia, to study coal mining and natural gas pipeline infrastructure was a highlight of working with UArctic. In this image, Kolmar’s open-pit mine near Nerungri, which is among the largest coal-mining operations in the world.

I started in CSR as a researcher with the University of the Arctic PhD Certificate Program in Extractive Industries. My research for UArctic focused on community resistance to industrial megaprojects and the ways companies mobilize CSR policies and practices.