I am a writer, researcher, teacher, and consultant. I work as a freelancer and with clients on a variety of communications and publishing projects.

  • I publish books, articles, research papers, fiction, web copy, ads, poetry, and other kinds of writing. You name it, I write it. More details about my writing at this link.
  • I research in a number of fields and on a variety of topics. Most of my research is based in qualitative methods, though I also dig into quantitative data and crunch numbers. More details on my research at this link.
  • I teach and facilitate in academic settings and in the private sector. I design and teach face-to-face and online courses. More details on my teaching at this link.
  • I consult with businesses and public institutions. My consulting work is often related to my expertise in corporate social responsibility or for specific research projects. More details on my consulting at this link.